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To all the African American women everywhere who haven't embraced who they are. Do it because for you, your history says it all...someone fought for you and won with majesty. You are endowed in every way especially intellectually. You must desperately fight to achieve.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Feel a little bit tired but thought i should post something even though, i still have no idea who reads this.

My kids in class were a little off the hook today, friday, must have been the sense of a weekend looming in their young minds. They are a very interesting kindergarten class, so full of promise yet so clamsy and irresponsible. I had a little bit of my impatience show just as we were winding up the day.

I prepared a very nice salmon salad with lots of avacado and garlic, had it in a wrap, lots of green tea always makes me shift into a more relaxed mood. My nights are as usual; quiet and reflective but a few interesting shows bump in here and there, what is a girl to do?

A very impressive night for the NAACP Image Awards, it sure was very refreshing seeing Oscar nominee, Terence Howard grab an award. For all those faithful to ABC's Grey's Anatomy, Isaiah Washington won an individual award and got an even better boost when the show clinched one for outstanding show in its category. I held back tears again as i watched clips of the Katrina devastation as the Neville brothers paid tribute. Tyler Perry pretty much stated what was on his mind and why not. A memoriam moment was observed for all the outstanding men and women of color who have passed on.

Now, lets move on to something else fulfilling, have you talked to Jesus today? Have you been able to ask him some of those questions you never seem to have answers to? Try Him you will not be disappointed because you really will be able to make sense of things. I was just reading a very good piece on home churching, what some of us who had been already involved in it, call, home cells. (Read TIME March 06, "There is no pulpit like home") It reminded me so much of the closeness and richness this kind of meeting for Jesus brought me before we moved to the US. It was very interesting to note that this phenomenon is growing greatly and is bringing meaning to Jesus' own words " Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I." So for all of you sisters and brothers meeting in Jesus' name, don't give up the habit.

Later to you all folks, Blessings in Jesus' name................


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