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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Out and About

Hi all,
I am about to turn in but thought i should sit and write for a minute. I need to get a feel of this forum before i start some serious writing.

Very distressing to read about Zim's troubles with hunger again!!!! Zimbabwe's wheat coffers are once again emptying as fast as it goes. In about two weeks, there will be inexpressible hunger and pain if their leader doesn't do anything about it. Speaking about their leader, i suppose President Mugabe is looking forward to South Africa's upcoming presidential elections in April. Earlier predictions are placing President Mbeki in the lead after all, ANC swept this week's council elections. I still think the 48% voter turnout was so meagre for a country that populated. Why are less people voting!
For, President Mugabe, this means continued support and familiar relations with his neigbours hence ensuring a stronger fist on his presidency. When the region stays politically predictable, every dictator validates his position in power and the reason why they are self-appointed life presidents.

Meanwhile, Kenya's stance on media freedom had better get good reports this week. Nairobi needs to decide today whether going back to the uncouth and barbaric treatment of the noble profession of journalism of the past is fair in today's world. Let truth prevail in Kenya...someone has to be the voice.


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